my 13 favorite movies of all time

I haven’t made a list in a while. Somehow, with only a handful of posts, this blog’s turned into a copy and paste project of work. Ugh.

So, I’m breaking the cycle and going rogue (need to start using this phrase more).

Today’s list:

My 13 Favorite Movies of All Time (in no particular order)

1.  Inception
It’s like an awesome movie wrapped in an awesome movie wrapped in an awesome movie. (Get it?) And the soundtrack – what are those young whippersnappers saying today? On point. Yeah. #OnFleekYo

2.  Step Brothers
“I didn’t want salmon; I said it four times! This wedding is horseshit.” Will Ferrell stole my heart years ago. While some of his movies are a bit meh (Daddy’s Home, Semi Pro, The Other Guys, Go Hard, Anchorman 2), he’s also got some strong ones, and I’ve learned you have to watch his stuff a few times to truly appreciate it. Funny story behind this pick: When I first saw Step Brothers, I hated it, mainly because it was in theaters and watching the drum kit scene seated beside my then-new boyfriend (now hubby) was awkward to say the least. Now, after having watched it a few dozen times over, I love it. Blades of Glory is another one of my fave Will Ferrell flicks but, side by side, I’d choose Step Brothers.

3.  Law Abiding Citizen
The most recently added flick on this list. Saw it for the first time a few weeks ago. Gory, gruesome and downright fantastic. It’s what you imagine doing to, God forbid, the person who harms your significant other – only he actually does it. And more. And then some more. Oh, and the badass is played by the one and only Gerard Butler. Is it wrong for me to wish he would’ve succeeded in his final plan?

4.  The Dark Knight
Opening scene. Heath Ledger. Final scene. Comic book/super hero movies typically don’t do anything for me. The Dark Knight came along and kicked the door down that few movies in this genre will be able to replicate. Ever. Brilliant from start to finish.

5.  Derailed
Two words: utter mind-f*ckage.

6.  Fight Club
This movie is— Shhh! Get it? It’s Fight Club – you don’t talk about it… Anyway, I’d quote this movie, but there are too many to choose from. Ok, fine, I’ll try: “Tomorrow will be the most beautiful day of Raymond K. Hessel’s life. His breakfast will taste better than any meal you and I have ever tasted.” (I really need to read the book.) What era of Brad Pitt is my favorite? This one. Hands down.

7.  Meet Joe Black
You thought I was done gushing about Brad Pitt, didn’t you? Ha! Fat chance. This movie is more than just eye candy, it’s a clever answer to the question: What if death came knocking on your door – literally?

8.  Hannibal Lecter series
Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, Red Dragon, Hannibal Rising – I love them all (except the original Red DragonMan Hunter – that was horrible). Anthony Hopkins: the perfect mix of creepy and charming. “Hello, Clarice… Fuvf, fuvf, fuvf, fuvf, fuvf…”

9.  The Notebook
Go ahead – laugh. I have no shame of my love for this movie. Yes, the ending is a bit dramatic (ok, way dramatic), but you have to agree the on-screen chemistry McAdams and Gosling share is unbeatable. One of the few cases I can say the movie surpasses the book. I’ve watched this flick more times than I can count and still can’t make it past the damn opening credits (you know, with the picturesque swans on the lake) without balling like a damn baby. I know what’s coming and it’s gonna be gut wrenching.

10.  When Harry Met Sally
Ah, the friends-turned-lovers storyline – a classic but goodie. I’m typically not one for chick flicks (despite what you may think after reading pick No. 9; we all have exceptions), but Crystal and Ryan make for the perfect mix of humor and romance.

11.  V for Vendetta
I just looked up Natalie Portman. Apparently she’s only won one Oscar and it was for Black Swan. Decent film, good performance on her part, but not as good as her in V for Vendetta. Especially the scene where she finds out it was V – she gave me chills. Can these two just get a room and have freaky masked sex already? It’s like Phantom of the Opera with gratuitous amounts of painful sexual tension.

12.  Horrible Bosses
Three hilarious storylines intertwined. The sexual innuendos were enough to make me squirm, and that’s saying something. The sequel was pretty damn good, too.

13.  Mean Girls
Don’t judge. If you’re anywhere around my age – guy or girl – you’ve seen it. And although you may not openly admit it, you enjoy it. My go-to when I need a good laugh.

HONORABLE MENTIONS (aka some of which should actually be listed above but I’m too torn):

1.  The Princess Bride

2.  Office Space

3.  Deadpool

4.  The Boondock Saints

5.  Liar Liar

6.  Team America

7.  Super Troopers

8.  The Devil Wears Prada

9.  Love Actually

10. Blades of Glory

11. The Crow

And just for schlittz and giggles, since it’s still fresh in my mind…

The WORST Movie I’ve Recently Seen:

Gone Girl
(Yeah, I’m a couple years behind…) I read the book – f*cked up but fantastically crafted. Watched the movie – Ben Affleck, you are one of the absolute worst actors I’ve had the displeasure of watching. Seriously, it amazes me how you still have a career. And you’re going to be Batman in Suicide Squad? God help us. And, Rosamund Pike, don’t think you’re off the hook. You did Amy no justice and failed to convince my why your husband should stay with you. I know you’re batshit crazy – convince me, dammit.

List to come: Fave Songs (or maybe just the ones that get stuck in my head most).


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